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Plan 1

My Speciality

Integrative Health Coaching
By quarter

90 Days of Individual Access



Per Month

Health Shake

This is the step where long-term change really begins. 

If you are feeling unwell, dealing with chronic health issues, or you are concerned about getting to the bottom of something you are struggling with this is the plan for you. I work with my clients in an intimate way. I specialize in gut and hormone health. 


In our bi-weekly meetings we will dig deep into what is going on. As an integrative health coach I will help you learn to approach your health concerns in a holistic way. 

We will sort through all the information out there and debts plan that works for you. You will learn exactly where to focus so you can start improving.

This package includes:

Bi-weekly in person or online 45 minute sessions.

Weekly checking to assess your individual biofeedback.

Weekly emails providing additional tips and resources.

Connect at your convenience through text or audio messages. Full communication is available daily with a response within 24hrs * (except on weekends)

Plan 2 is available with this plan for an additional $50 per month.

Plan 3 is available with this plan for an additional $150 per month.


Plan 2

Online Fitness Coaching



Per Month

3 Month Minimum

Fitness Tools

Whether you choose to workout in a gym, at home, or a combination your workouts are programmed to fit your schedule and your needs.

This plan includes individualized bi-weekly training plans according to your goals

Weekly online check-ins

You will learn new concepts to keep you active and motivated towards reaching your goals!

Plan 4 is available for an additional $50 with this plan.

Plan 3


In-Person Fitness Training

Grow strong and stay motivated



Per Month

3 Month Minimum

Workout Equipments

You will learn how to perform various types of resistance training such as body weight exercises, weight lifting, kettle bell training, and resistance bands. You will learn which types of endurance training are best for you.

You will also learn how to increase your flexibility and mobility. 


This plan includes:

Weekly in person trading sessions

location will be discussed prior to first session.

Strength and mobility assessments

Specialized training plans are designed for your individual needs. Including interest in training for specific sports, functional training for everyday moments, injury prevention exercises, and cardio goals.

Whether you are training in a gym or at home you will benefit from learning methods for better fitness and correct form for each exercise.

Every workout is designed for the individual client’s needs in mind. You will progress at your own pace.
You personalized plan will help you to achieve your goals for mind and body transformation.

Plan 4 is available for an additional $50 with this plan.


Plan 4

Nutrition Coaching Plan



Per Month

3 Month Minimum

Healthy Meal

This is the plan for you if you are already living an active fit lifestyle but you would benefit from guidance for your nutrition.

Exercise can only take you so far when it comes to achieving your goals. Getting your nutrition to work for you is key!

Whether you desire to lose weight or build lean muscle mass I can help you learn how to eat to reach your goals!

This plan includes:

monthly online 45 minute session were you will learn what works for your body according to your personal caloric needs.

weekly checkins (checkins include email and text correspondence)

resources to help you stay on track


  • Share your health challenges and discover your options

    30 min

  • A 90 minute in depth personal discussion

    1 hr 30 min

    250 US dollars
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